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IBM – Centre of Excellence


The IBM Centre of Excellence at Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management, Indore, Madhya Pradesh was inaugurated on 18th February, 2011 by Mr. Mayank Jha, Relationship Manager, Academic Initiative, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. The centre is equiiped with software resources from IBM with Rational Seed for Quality and Rational Software Architect. About 300 students and 50 faculties have been trained and certified over this tool. The centre also mentors about 250 every year for TGMC (The Great Mind Challenge Contest). The students develop projects and learn technology to keep updated. We also are a part of Career Education - IBM where 70 students of MCA have been doing live projects for IBM Academic Initiative team has conducted a Training and Certification camp on DB2/RAD/TDS/RFT/Lotus/WAS.

Computer Society of India


Established in 2009, this branch has successfully organized many conferences, events and workshops. The National Conference in year 2010 was a great success where many research scholars had come to share a common platform. Expert lectures and career based sessionas have been a part of Computer Society of India activities. Another to mention is the "Nexus" - Techfest of IIT Mumbai, which is the Asia's largest tech-fest. Amongst only 5 venues all over India, we got the privilege to host this workshop representing Central India. It is after the formation of this chapter, that students of CS & IT were involved in the activities that not only enhanced their technical capabilities but also groomed their personality with inter-personal skills. It was with the initiative of eminent team members that they were exposed to the events nationwide and raised the prestige of institute to glorious heights. A subject to learn and apply practically is the strength of our student branch.

Indian Concrete Institute


On 4th April, 2013 one more feather was added to the cap of Medi-Caps Group of Institutions, as it had become the 74th institute to join Indian Concrete Institute as one of its Student Chapter. Medi-Caps Institute of Science and Technology , a part of Medi-Caps Group of Institutions, was overwhelmed with the presence of dignitaries like Mr. A.K. Tiwari (Vice President ,Ultratech Cements India Pvt, Ltd.), Dr. J.S. Chouhan (Chairman of Indian Concrete Institute, M.P. region) and "The Demolition man" Mr. S.B. Sarwate for the inauguration of Student chapter of Indian Concrete Institute. Palash Solanki and Prateek Jain were appointed as President and Vice- President of Student Chapter of Indian Concrete Institute respectively

Society of Automotive Engineers India


The Indian chapter of SAE - SAEINDIA, is the largest affiliate of SAE International (visit www.sae.org) registered as an Indian nonprofit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India, with over 22,825 student members and 2,425 professional memberships.
During its hundred plus years, the automotive industry has achieved remarkable progress in both production output and technological development.
The founding principle of the SAE International is to unite scientific and technical staff to perform free academic discussions, to dedicate themselves to the cause of prospering the science and technology for automotive vehicles and to make contributions to speed up the modernization of automotive industry. It is recognized quite well by both SAEINDIA and SAE International which keeps on raising its bar on standards since like linguistic dictionaries. Society of Automotive Engineers is a non-profit body that promotes and undertakes initiatives for advancement in mobility technologies catering to land, water and space. The society, based at Warrendale, USA; boasts of over 128,000 memberships at the end of year 2009 spread over 100 nations. The body is involved in creating avenues for both professionals and students alike to generate awareness and promote futuristic technologies.
For more information, please visit www.saeindia.org



  • Advancement of the sciences of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineering and related Sciences.
  • Continuing Education of interested persons in said sciences through lectures, demonstrations and publications.
  • Rendition of Career Guidance and Financial Assistance to students of said Sciences.
  • Encouragement of Scientific Research.
  • To impart Education in the fields of Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Allied Sciences by conducting Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars and to award Diplomas or Certificates.
  • To establish facilities for Testing, Rating, Certification of Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, and allied equipment and Systems.
  • To offer consultancy services in the areas of Education and Training in said sciences.
  • To disseminate and make available to the Government, Industry, and General Public information relating to said sciences through Papers, Reports and Periodic Publications


Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers


Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers Students' Forum (ISF) was inaugurated on February 25, 2010 at Medi-Caps Group of Institutions. Dr. Shamsher Singh, the Chief Executive Director of the Medi-Caps Group of Institutions presided over the inauguration ceremony. Brig. R Subramaniam, Chairman IETE Mhow subcentre graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The forum was started with 45 members and presently the members' strength is more than 100. This forum was started by the department of electronics and communication engineering. IETE Students Forum is a well established technical society at Medi-Caps, actively organizing various technical events, workshops & seminars since it has pioneered its foundation. The forum is managed by the student office bearers.

Indian Society For Technical Education


Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management became the Institutional Member (IN 1330) of the Indian Society of Technical Education in 2005 with the vision for promotion of quality and standards in technical education and the ISTE CHAPTER started in 2006.  ISTE chapter worked as a platform for teachers and students to interact with experts from various fields.

After the conception of chapter different activities were successfully organized with the objective to enhance professional ideas and standards. Also the students have shown great interest to become the ISTE student members.

One of the students Mr. Pawan Rangrecha (EC) was selected for the ISTE Best Student Award for the session 2006-07. Different expert and guest lectures were organized under the chapter to enhance the technical knowledge and for the development of soft skills. The activities like research paper presentation were successfully organized to enhance new ideas and to foster research activities among the students. Debate competitions were organized with aim to nurture the skills of students and at the same time boost up their confidence by appreciating their effort and rewarding the best speakers.

Microsoft IT Academy

Medi-Caps shares IT Academy Partnership with IBM where the college is benefited with activities that:

  • Increase your students' employability with relevant technology courses that help them get jobs after graduation.
  • Offer educators and other staff members the opportunity to enhance their own professional development.
  • Gain access to resources that will help you save time and money.
  • Unlimited access to E-Learning portfolio courses focused on the Microsoft Office applications plus Windows desktop courses, Windows Server, Windows Client, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and many other Microsoft technologies.
  • The ability to administer content and manage your students' progress with the online Instructor Learning Management System.
  • Essential computer skills training with Microsoft Digital Literacy.
  • One complimentary enrollment in the Microsoft Certified Trainer program for a qualified educator at your institution and a 25 percent discount on enrollments for any additional instructors.
  • Academic pricing on Microsoft Official Academic Courses (MOAC).
  • Academic pricing on Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC).
  • Academic pricing on Microsoft Certification exams.
  • Up to 100 lab licenses for Windows 7, Microsoft Office Professional 2007, or Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010.
  • Five complimentary annual subscriptions to the Full E-Reference Library from Microsoft Press and a 60 percent discount for additional subscriptions.
  • One complimentary subscription to Microsoft DreamSpark.
  • One complimentary, Not for Resale (NFR) version of Microsoft TechNet Subscription Professional.
  • Educator resources such as downloadable and customizable lesson plans to help you save class preparation time, personalized course completion certificates, and a complementary tool that enables you to create your own online courses.
  • Marketing resources to help you promote your IT Academy, such as inclusion in the IT Academy locator tool plus a welcome kit, posters, email templates, flyers, brochures, and much more!

London School of Training

imageThe London School of Training and Medi-Caps Group of Institutions recently tied up with each other for further development of the students and staff. Under this ‘Memorandum of Understanding’, the London School of Training will impart training to the students on various topics in soft skills in order to increase their employability and make them better trained professionals. On their visit to the campus Mr John Rowe and Mr Rajdeep Choudhury were in all high words for the serene, sprawling campus and energetic, enthusiastic students.This tie up shall be yet another feather in the cap for the Group as it would be a step further on the path of the Quality Policy of the Group of producing better Technocrats and Managers for the society at large.