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Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers Undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering and a Post Graduate course in Computer Integrated Manufacturing. These courses are accredited by National Board of Accreditation. The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the Premier Departments in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The Department has more than 30 highly experienced faculty members, out of which 3 faculty members have doctoral degree , 5 faculty members are pursuing doctoral degree and about 20 faculty members are having Post graduate degree in Engineering.

Department is having 13 fully fledged laboratories with state of art facilities equipped with modern machinery and softwares.

The Department has always strived for excellence. The Department is excelling in various competitions like BAJA/SUPRA/EFFICYCLE and ends up amongst top ten teams in the country. The Department organizes workshops / conferences at regular intervals on various topics.

Medi-Caps Group Group of Institution

Education: B.E. (Mechanical) M.Tech(Design) IIT-Bombay, PhD(Design)- IIT-Indore

Dr. Yogesh Pandya
B.E. (Mechanical) M.Tech(Design) IIT-Bombay, PhD(Design)- IIT-Indore
Professor and Head of the Department
R.No - 68/A, Mechanical Engineering Department, 
Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management-Indore(MP) India

Name Institute Name Designation Qualifiction Total Experience
NEERAJ YADAV Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof ME 6.5
MOHAMMED ALI Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof ME, PhD Pursuing 19
JAYESH BARVE Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)Associate Professor ME, PhD Pursuing 15.5
SANJAY JATHAR Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)Assisstant Prof ME, PhD Pursuing 23
ANSHUMAN PUROHIT Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof ME 5.6
AKBAR ALI Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof ME 8
PURUSHOTTAM LAAD Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof 33.8
HIMANSHU BORADE Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)Assisstant Prof ME, PhD Pursuing 8
HEMENDRA JAIN Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof 17
AMIT PRAJAPATI Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof ME 5.5
LOKESH AURANGBADKAR Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)Assisstant Prof ME 7
RAVI VERMA Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof 6
MOHIT BADLANI Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof 4
MANISH THAKUR Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof ME 15
MOHAMMED IRFAN KHAN Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)Assisstant Prof ME 5
RAVI PATEL Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof 5.5
YOGESH SHARMA Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof 5
Dr. Sunil K. Somani Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)Director 20
DR YOGESH PANDYA Medi-Caps GroupHOD B.E. (Mechanical) M.Tech(Design) IIT-Bombay, PhD(Design)- IIT-Indore 13
MURARI SHARMA Medi-Caps GroupProfessor MBA (HR) 41
BHUPENDRA SIKARWAR Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor 3
PARAG CHAPORKAR Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor ME 6
PRAVEEN SHRIVASTAVA Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor 8.8
ABDUL WAHAB HASHMI Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor ME 3
MANOJ GANGWAR Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor ME 10
SUNIL PADOLE Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor M.Tech. 15
EKLVYA GUPTA Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor ME 10
TUSHAR AGARWAL Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor ME 14
HITESH AGARWAL Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor 4
SUNIL PATIDAR Medi-Caps GroupAssistant Professor ME 4


InstituteCourse NameIntake Duration
Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)BE 180 4 Year


InstituteCourse NameIntake Duration
Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)ME 18 2 Year

1. CAD-CAM Centre


The lab is equipped with latest 30 computers with the following softwares:
• Ansys
• Unigraphics
• Solid Edge
• Auto CAD
• Mechanical Dektop
• Inventor
• Nastran

2. Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory


• Composite wall apparatus
• Lagged pipe apparatus
• Critical radius of insulating Pin fin apparatus
• Natural convection apparatus
• Force convection apparatus
• Emissivity measurement apparatus
• Stefan Boltzman apparatus
• Thermal conductivity metal rod
• Thermal conductivity of insulator.

3. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory


• General cycle refrigerator trainer
• Re circular type air conditioning Trainer
• Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Trainer

4. I. C. Engine Laboratory


• Multi Cylinder 4–Stroke Petrol Engine with Hydraulic Dynamometer and Morse Test Arrangement
• Single Cylinder 4–Stroke Diesel Engine with Rope Dynamometer and Retardation Testing Arrangement
• Single cylinder 2 stroke petrol engine

5. Turbo Machinery & Fluid Mechanics Laboratory


Which has the following equipments to its list
• Pelton Turbine test
• Meta-centric Height apparatus
• Reynold's Apparatus
• Hydraulic bench ( open circuit)
• Pitot Tube apparatus
• Centrifugal pump test rig
• Flow measurement using notch
• Material Science and Testing Laboratory
The major equipments are:
• Rockwell Hardness Tester
• Vickers Brinell Hardness Tester
• Impact Testing Machine
• Universal Testing Machine
• Impact testing Machine for UPVC Pipes
• Metallurgical Microscope

6. Theory of Machine Laboratory


The major equipments are:
• Cam Analysis Machine
• Whirling of shafts Apparatus
• Universal Vibration Test Rig
• Balancing of Reciprocating Masses Testing
• Slip and Creep Measurement in Belt Drive
• Journal Bearing Apparatus
• Epicyclic Gear Apparatus
• Static & Dynamic balancing machine
• Friction & wear Apparatus

  • The final year students of Mechanical Engineering participated in BAJA ATV event and secured 10th rank at all-India level and second rank at the state level. The team also stood best amongst debutant team. One of the students is placed at General Motors in R&D Department after the BAJA Competition.
  • Mechanical Engineering Department conducted an in-house seven day workshop to enhance the subject knowledge of the students as well as faculties in the month of January.
  • An expert lecture was conducted in January by Dr D K Shrivastava on education scenario in US for the students of Mechanical Engineering.
  • A one day motivational seminar on “Entrepreneurship” was organized by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute, Indore on 29 January 2013 to motivate the students of MGI to build their career as future entrepreneurs. The Program was conducted for final and pre-final engineering students to acquaint them with the importance of self- employability. The seminar was coordinated by Prof Tapan Jain.
  • 3D CAD Modeling” workshop in association with M/s Designer Cluster, Indore was conducted in the CAD/CAM laboratory on 2 February 2013 . 34 students participated in the workshop which was coordinated by Mr Jayesh Barve.
  • A one day workshop on “Design and Analysis” was organized on 16 August 2013. The workshop began with a lecture on designing by Balaji S and Varun Barot while lectures on analysis were delivered by Kartik Jain and Aman Khan. The workshop was guided Dr K K Gupta and Mr Jayesh Barve.
  • An industrial visit was held in February at Dee Tee Industry, Pithampur under the coordination of Mr M M Sharma, Mr Himanshu Borade and Mr Ravi Patel for the students of Mechanical Engineering.
  • An industrial visit was held at Eicher Motor Pvt. Ltd in February for the final year students of Mechanical Engineering Department coordinated by Dr K K Gupta and Mr M M Sharma
  • A few students of ME branch participated in virtual SUPRA Competition at Pune in January. Their vehicle design has been selected for the final competition.
  • Mihir Marathe and Palash Vyas of ME II semester were awarded for Inquizitive 2 witnessed in March.
  • The students of ME Department secured various positions and won prizes in various activities in Technochill, 2012 at IET, DAVV. 22 student members attended the programme conducted by ISHRAE Student Chapter of Indore in February at DAVV. Pridyumn Tiwari and Prashant Gour of ME III year bagged the First prize in Quiz Competition. Aditya Singh, Ankit Gupta, Bhushan Jogi, Mitin Tiwari, Palash Vyas, Priyank Sethi, Raman Singh, Rihit Khandelwal, Sanchit Neema and Tushar Arora of ME III years secured Second position in Skit competition. Anuj Singh, Abheeti Goyal, Rohit Neema and Saman Khan of ME III year got the Third position in Dance competition .
  • The Department of Mechanical Engg. conducted a two day workshop on Finite Element Engineering on 3rd and 4th February. The workshop was on two demanding areas of CAE- Finite Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics. The key note speaker, Dr. Prasanna Joshi from CAD-CAM Guru Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune, highlighted the importance of FEM and shared some of his practical experiences on the topic. Dr. K.K. Gupta, Mr. Sanjay Jathar and Mr. Jayesh Barve of the department delivered lectures. Prof. Tapan Jain and Prof. Eklavyya Gupta conducted a practice session on structural analysis using ANSYS. Another practice session on Fluent software was held by Prof. K.K.Gupta and Prof. Narendra Jat.