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MBA Department

About Department
Medi-caps Institute of Techno-Managements Foreign trade and Marketing Management department, today, is a knowledge powerhouse and a brand name in higher education. Over fourteen years, the department with one vision which ensured that everything was consigned to posterity, making sure that generation after generation of students enjoys the fruits of the value inculcated by the founders.
Medi-caps Institute of Techno-Managements Foreign Trade and Marketing Management department is a name to remember, not just across the length and breadth of M.P, but nationwide. The fact that students from 12 states of India are studying here is a testimony to this fame.
Fired by the desire to provide in-depth knowledge about Foreign Trade and Marketing to the people of the country, Institute transformed the plateau into what it now is. The Institute turned the wilderness into a sanctuary of education. Located on the western region of M.P it was this plateau that our chairman Shri R.C Mittal decided to change. His vision for Medi-Caps covered a wide spectrum of interests because he himself donned many hats. He is a visionary industrialist and a philanthropist by heart.
The emphasis has always been, and still is, on quality education, which is why the degrees offered by the university through Medi-caps MBA (Foreign Trade) and (Marketing Management) are recognized all over the nation. The department provides excellent educational facilities to over 240 students in its institute. It also has an active alumni base of over 3000 students across the world. The institution is located on scenic campuses, which provide high quality lifestyle and ideal environment for study. All campuses have excellent infrastructure for academic activities, sports and other extracurricular activities. The infrastructure includes air-conditioned lecture halls, skills lab, air-conditioned hostels, and multi-cuisine food court. The state-of-the-art departmental library accommodates 10,500 books and has over 20 journals and periodic.

For list of faculties click here..

Name Institute Name Designation Qualifiction Total Experience
Mr. Gaurav Manjrekar Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAssisstant Prof M Sc(Statistic) 2
Dr. Haldhar Sharma Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAssisstant Prof Ph.D 10 yr
Dr. Deepak Talwar Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementDirector Ph.D 12
Ritu Sodhi Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAsst Professor MCA 5
KIRAN VIVREKAR Medi-Caps GroupAssisstant Prof MBA 8
Vinitha Nair Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAsst Professor M Com, MBA 3
Rashmi Somani Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAssociate Professor PhD (Pursuing), MBA, FCA, PGDIM
Dr.Sanjeevani Gangwani Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAssociate Professor PhD
Ms Anisha Jain Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAsst Professor M.A,M Phil,MBA 8
Mr. Abhishek Shrotriya Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAsst Professor B.E. 4
Ms. Rachna Kaul Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAssistant Professor Phd (pur), MBA, B.Pharma 3.2
Jitendra Choudhary Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementAssociate Professor M.Tech(CS), M.Sc. (CS) 11
Dr MM Sharma Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementProfessor MBA(HR)


InstituteCourse NameIntake Duration
Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementMBA 60 2 Year
Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Management)MBA 120 2 Year
Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementMBA 60 2 Year
Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Management)MBA 120 2 Year
Medi-Caps Institute of Technology and Management (Engineering)MBA 60 2 Year
Medi-Caps Institute of Techno ManagementMBA 60 2 Year

MBA Lab.


No. of Laboratories: 02
Each lab has more than 30 Computrs. Each computer is loaded with statistical analysis software like AMOS, SPSS, Maxima 5.28, GanttPV

  • A discussion on “Indian Budget 2013” was organized by the MBA Department on 6 March. The key speakers Mr Sumit Maru (CA) and Mr Subhash Mathur enlightened the students on the various aspects of budget.  Mr Vinod Sharma coordinated the event.
  • A one day National Workshop was conducted by the MBA Department on “Case Method as a Pedagogy to Achieve Quality Management Education” on 8 March 2013. Students and faculty members of different departments got information on case pedagogy in different areas like Finance, HR, Marketing and Strategy. Dr Rajneesh Jain, Dr Kapil Sharma, Dr Smriti Verma and Dr Mayank Saxena were the main speakers.
  • A five-day workshop on "Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling Techniques for Management Research" was organized by the MBA Department on 8 April 2013. The speakers in the workshop were Dr R C Sharma, Dr Shakti Banerjee, Dr Manmeet Singh, Dr Mayank Saxena, Dr Deepka Talwar and Mr Gourav Manjrekar.  
  • MBA Department organized an outbound training program for MBA II semester Students at Somanipuram farm house in the month of May, where students learnt various management skills like teamwork, time management and coordination. Mr Prashant Gupta and Ms Shivani Sharma coordinated the program.
  • Department of Management organized a student training program on “Data Analysis using SPSS" in the month of July for MBA II semester students. The program was coordinated by Dr Deepak Talwar.  The resource persons were Dr Mayank Saxena, Dr Deepak Talwar, Mr Prashant Gupta and Mr Gourav Manjrekar.
  • In an “Intra-College Business Quiz Competition” on August 25, 2012 the I prize was won by Ankit Mehta and Priyank Bang from MITM (Management) and II prize was won by Punit Lokhre and Prince Rai from MIST and III prize was also won by Rahul Khandelwal and Navankur Verma from MIST.

  • The students of MITM – management have participated in Indian Business League (IBL) and secured 5th position at state level where 40 teams were participated all over M.P.
  • A one day workshop on “Data Analysis using SPSS” was organized on August 6, 2012 for MBA II semester students Section A, for section B on August 14, 2012 and for section C  on August 17, 2012. Dr. Deepak Talwar was the resource faculty for the workshop. It was coordinated by Ms. Shivani Sharma. and Dr. Deepak Talwar
  • A one day workshop for MBA students on “Career Opportunities in BFSI Sector” was organized on August 13, 2012 by Dr. D.T. Manwani, Dr. Anshu Jaisinghani Handoo and Mr. Baljeet Singh Narang
  • A one day workshop on “Practical Knowledge of Accounting Software Tally” was organized on September 5, 2012 for MBA IV semester students by Ms. Rashmi Somani . Ms. Shivani Sharma.
  • A one day workshop on “Data Analysis using SPSS” was conducted by Dr. Deepak Talwar on September 13, 2012. Ms. Shivani Sharma was the coordinator for this workshop for MBA IV semester students.
  • A five day workshop on “Introduction to Equity Markets” for MBA students was organized by Dr. D.T. Manwani, Dr. Anshu Jaisinghani Handoo and Mr. Baljeet Singh Narang in the month of October 2012. The resource person was CA. Mr Nikhil Agrawal.
  • A two day workshop on “Financial Mathematics and Basics of Financial Planning” using MS-Excel was organized on October 19 - 20, 2012 for MBA Semester I and Semester III students by Mr Vikas Behra, Head Corporate Training, Altius Institute of Universal Studies, Indore. The event was coordinated by Dr. D.T. Manwani, Dr. Anshu Jaisinghani Handoo and Mr. Baljeet Singh Narang.
  • A one day workshop on “Practical Knowledge of Accounting Software Tally” was organized by Ms. Rashmi Somani on October 27, 2012. Ms. Shivani Sharma was the coordinator for this workshop for MBA II semester students.
  • A one day workshop "PRAYAS"  on “ Training and Placement”was organized on November 5, 2012 for MBA II semester  students by Dr. Sanjeevni Gangwani with a view to improve the soft skills and other skills required by corporate recruiters and enhance the chances of employability.
  • Third year students visited Maral Overseas Limited, Khargone to learn the textile manufacturing and thermal power generation.
  • Industrial visit to AVTEC Ltd., Pithampur for MBA Semester II students was coordinated the visit on August 11, 2012. Dr. Deepak Talwar and Ms. Shivani Sharma .
  • MBA I Semester students visited Liugong (India) Pvt. Ltd October 5, 2012. Dr. Deepak Talwar and Ms. Shivani Sharma coordinated.
  • Ankit Kumar Sahu, Rishi Kumar Sahu, Shikha Mandhate, Radha Shriwas and Priyanshi Garg of MBA Department participated in a paper presentation competition organized by TPGCET, Nagpur and won the Second prize.
  • Priyanka Saini, Nishant Pathak, Vineet Jose, Hina Joshi, Ankita Sharma, Neeraj Gupta of MBA participated and presented papers in National Conferences organized by Vishwakarma Institute of Management Pune, Singhad Institute of Management Pune, SDPS Womens College, Indore, Rishikesh Institute of Management, ITS Ghaziabad, and brought name and fame to the Institute.
  • A Business Plan Competition on running restaurants, wedding planners, coaching institutes, etc was organized for MBA IV semester students in February. Amita Rajput, Neha Rijhwani and Vineet Jose won the First, Second and Third prize respectively.
  • On   January 4th, Mr. Vikas Jamoriya, CEO, Matins Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd., Indore delivered a Guest lecture on Indian Equity Market for the MBA III Semester students.
  • On 8th February a Guest Lecture on Pen your Way to Success as a Specialty Officer / Probationary Officer in Banks was delivered for MBA students by Mr. Anu Rawat of Macro Vision Academy, Indore.
  • A Business Plan Competition was organized for MBA IV year students on February 9th 2012 in the seminar hall of MBA Institute. Many students presented their plans for running restaurants, wedding planners, coaching institutes etc.
  • The MBA Department successfully organized a two day Faculty Development Programme on Research Methodology and Data Analysis using SPSS on 29th and 30th March 2012. The workshop saw participation from institutes like IIPS, LNCT, IIST, Altius, Swami Vivekananda, MIT-Ujjain, Vidya Sagar Institute of Management- Bhopal. Academicians and research scholars from varied streams of Management attended the event.
  • Third National Conference on Challenges and Opportunities in Service Sector was organized by MBA department in April. Dr. Alok Mittal, Director, MBA was the Chairperson and Dr. Jyoti Vyas Bajpai was the Conference Secretary. The conference witnessed the participation of 40 delegates from across the nation. Papers adhered to the Service Sector boom in Indian Economy.