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Student Achievements

  • Lavin Bhatia, Abhinav Kothari, Ayushi Garg and Aditi Gandhi of EC VII sem secured I position in Line follower competition in Moonstone 2013 at Medi-Caps, Indore.
  • Sonakshi Sharma of EC V sem secured I position in Solo inter college dance competition in Moonstone 2013 at Medi-Caps, Indore.
  • Sonakshi Sharma and Rohit Samdani of EC V sem secured I position in Duet Dance Competition in Moonstone 2013 at Medi-Caps, Indore.
  • Rampratap Singh Chouhan of EC III sem secured II position in Sportospark in Moonstone 2013 at Medi-Caps, Indore.
  • Ajay Namdeo of EC VII sem secured II position in Street Soccer in Moonstone 2013 at Medi-Caps, Indore.
  • Rahul Hemnani of EC III sem secured I Position in Extempore in Moonstone 2013 at Medi-Caps, Indore.
  • Govind Sharma and Gopal Pipil of ECB - V sem secured IV position in e - kumbh (Scientech competition) held at Scientech Technology, Indore.
  • Nishit Taori of EC V sem participated in NSS Camp held at Malendi Village in the month of February 2013.
  • Ayushi Garg, Aditi Gandhi of EC VII sem secured V position in Citronics Line follower held at Chameli Devi Institute of Technology and Managament, Indore.
  • Mohit Haryani, Mayank Lalwani and Ayush Khandelwal of EC VII sem were Zonal Winners and bagged I Prize in Line follower held at Swami Vivekanand College of Engineering, Indore.
  • Mohit Bharti of EC VII sem secured I position in Hardware project Adaptive Equalizer for music & Light Control held at Cirtonics, Chameli Devi Institute of Technology and Managament, Indore.
  • Lavin Bhatia and Mohit Bharti of EC VII sem secured II position for Micro Mouse Maze Solving held at Cirtonics, Chameli Devi Institute of Technology and Managament, Indore.
  • Samarth Khatwani and Rishabh Mandloi of EC V sem secured II position in Line Follower held at IET, DAVV, Indore.
  • Shiraz Ali of EC V sem was Finalist in Street Dance competition organized by BITS OASIS 12 held at BITS, Pilani.
  • Ajay Namdeo of EC VII sem secured II position in Basket Ball Nodal held at Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science, Indore.
  • Rahul Hemnani of EC III sem secured III position in Debate at Ahilya Utsav in the month of February at Mhow.
  • Jeet Singh and Nikhil Sharma of ECB V sem secured V position in Advanced Robotics held at Technido Pvt Ltd, Indore.
  • Ayushi Garg, Aditi Gandhi of EC VII sem secured III position in ROBO I in April held at IIT, Indore.
  • Palash Patni, Hitesh Agrawal, Hima Bindu TL, Deepak Khanna, Arvind Singh Nigwal, Arti Jain, Himani Tawade, Sarthak Potnis, Aayush Agrawal, Sagar Nenwani and Shadab Ali Medi Caps stood second in Skit competition held at IET, DAVV in the month of September.
  • The students of Automobile Engineering V Semester- Nilay Sahu, Dharmendra Nagar, Abhijeet Singh Chouhan, Ankit Bais, Arnab Das, Kanha Khandelwal, Mrityunjay Pratap Singh Bhadoriya, Nandkishore Gurjar, Sameer Saran, Shubham Nagar have qualified in the Virtual Round for west zone in the inter-collegiate design competition SAENIS EFFICYCLE - 2013 in June with second position. The main event will be held on 27th - 29th September at UIET, Chandigarh .
  • The final year students of Mechanical Engineering participated in BAJA ATV event and secured 10th rank at all-India level and second rank at the state level. The team also stood best amongst debutant team. One of the students is placed at General Motors in R&D Department after the BAJA Competition.
  • Rajul Lal Gour and Rishik Patel, EX final year students, have designed sophisticated electronic circuits for the RACING CARS which were developed by the students of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Lavin Bhatia, Mohit Bharti and Abhinav Kothari student of ECA - VII got Excellence Award for Magneto & Grid Master - Autonomous Robotics held at Tech Fest - 2K13 of IIT
  • Apurva Killedar of EC VII sem got Chancellor Scholarship Award 2013 for 2nd year, UIT - RGPV, Bhopal.
  • 2013-09-01
  • Shalvi Sharan attended the techfest ‘Tarunyam’ at Swami Vievekananda College and secured II position in the event names ‘Lead India
  • The students of MITM – management have participated in Indian Business League (IBL) and secured 5th position at state level where 40 teams were participated all over M.P.
  • Chirag Solanki and Aditya Rana, students of B.E. I year MITM participated in Technical Quiz Competition held at S.G.S.I.T.S. college, Indore on 15th September 2012.
  • A group of students from MITM secured II position in Model Competition held at S.G.S.I.T.S. college, Indore on 15th September, 2012
  • Nikhil Khatri, Rajul Lal Gaur, and Faizan Sheikh of EX III year participated in Tech-Fest “TECHOLYMPICS organized by IIT Bombay, qualifier round of grid master at Medi-Caps, Indore and at MNIT Jaipur and secured V and III positions respectively.
  • Shubham Yadav EX III secured II position in PIRATE WARS, a Robotic Competition organized by IIT Bombay.
  • Mrunal Pandit of Ex V sem published a paper entitled “Non Convectional Enery Resources” in the International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering in June 2012 at Pune.
  • In an “Intra-College Business Quiz Competition” on August 25, 2012 the I prize was won by Ankit Mehta and Priyank Bang from MITM (Management) and II prize was won by Punit Lokhre and Prince Rai from MIST and III prize was also won by Rahul Khandelwal and Navankur Verma from MIST.

  • Kavish Dabade of EI VII sem participated in Mahindra ACL Quiz competition held at Mumbai and was I runner up.
  • EC V sem student Kunal Jhawar’s blog “From my diary” was awarded “page rank 1” by google on ebloggers.com
  • Students of EC V sem Mohit Bharti, Aditi Gandhi, Abhinav Kothari, Sanjana Bansal, A.S.Nikhil, Ayushi Garg, Lavin Bhatia, Abhishek Parihar, Himanshu Gupta and Abhishek Verma have participated in various robotic competitions like line follower, grid solver, robo soccer etc. and won I and II prize at various institutes like S.V.C.E., Shri Auribindo College of Technology and S.D. Bansal, Indore.
  • Abhinav Kothari, A.S. Nikhil, Lavin Bhatia and Mohit Bharti won II prize in line follower competition held at V.N.I.T, Nagpur.
  • Lavin Bhatia, Aditi Gandhi, Ayushi Garg and A.S Nikhil of EC V sem stood IV in the final round of the line follower competition held at B.I.T.S. Pilani.
  • Mohit Haryani, Ayush Khandelwal and Mayank Lalwani of EC V sem participated in Robotics (Grid Master) competition and won I prize in central zone conducted by IIT Powai at Medi-Caps, Indore.
  • Karishma Jain IT-VII sem coordinated Flash workshop conducted by IIT- Kharagpur.
  • Ishan Jain IT-VII sem took part in Polaroid photography event and secured II position.
  • Piyush Shendre of AU I year was awarded Kishore Ratna by the President of india for his project PAN Card as Transaction card which has been researched at IIT Science Expo Team which represents india all over the world for its new technologies
  • 2012-12-01
  • Neerja Bhalerao and Shreya Muchhal has of EC/EI department participated in a group dance competition in UDAAN - 2012 at IET - DAVV, and secured First rank.
  • Papers were presented by BE I year students of MITM and MIST in National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Chemical and Biological Sciences” in Holkar Science College, Indore in January. Yogesh Chaurasia, Dhawal Sharma of EC VIII Semester and Shivram Tabibu, Abhi Saklecha, Anand Mahajan and Neerja Bhalerao of EI VIII Semester qualified GATE 2012.
  • The students of ME Department secured various positions and won prizes in various activities in Technochill, 2012 at IET, DAVV. 22 student members attended the programme conducted by ISHRAE Student Chapter of Indore in February at DAVV. Pridyumn Tiwari and Prashant Gour of ME III year bagged the First prize in Quiz Competition. Aditya Singh, Ankit Gupta, Bhushan Jogi, Mitin Tiwari, Palash Vyas, Priyank Sethi, Raman Singh, Rihit Khandelwal, Sanchit Neema and Tushar Arora of ME III years secured Second position in Skit competition. Anuj Singh, Abheeti Goyal, Rohit Neema and Saman Khan of ME III year got the Third position in Dance competition .
  • A Business Plan Competition on running restaurants, wedding planners, coaching institutes, etc was organized for MBA IV semester students in February. Amita Rajput, Neha Rijhwani and Vineet Jose won the First, Second and Third prize respectively.
  • Saurabh Ranka of CS II year, MITM, is the winner in C++ Programming Competition, and Nikhil Khatri and Poonam Chandra from EX IV Year, were the winners of Circuit Engima.
  • Neerja Bhalerao and Shreya Muchhal has of EC/EI department participated in a group dance competition in UDAAN - 2012 at IET - DAVV, and secured First rank.
  • Nitin Gupta and Rishabh Jain of EC III year participated in ITETE Tech Quiz and secured the Second rank.
  • Shivani Yadav of CS IV Semester participated in Badminton and played National and State level Volleyball tournament.
  • Dhawal Sharma of EC VIII Semester got selected in the Indian Navy at the post of Sub-Lieutenant.
  • Lakshya Sharma of EC VIII Semester got selected in IIM, Kashipur.
  • Mihir Marathe and Palash Vyas of ME II semester were awarded for Inquizitive 2 witnessed in March.
  • Manish Suryavanshi of IT IV Semester won Silver medal in All India Swimming Championship in Kolkata.
  • Ishwar Alanse of EC III year won the First prize in Speech Delivering Competition held at DAVV, Indore.
  • Apeksha Dubey of EC III Year participated in the non technical paper presentation competition "Pulpit of Knowledge" and won the First prize.
  • Aabhas Sharma, Arpit Sharma, Arpit Vijaywargiya, Mohan K. Kokra, Abhishek Verghese, Hardik Mehta and Mayank Verma of EC III year attended the “Self Balancing Robot” workshop at IIT Mumbai in January 2012.
  • Vijay Kabra, Akshay Pare, Ashutosh Verma of EX III year participated in a tech-fest organized at IIT Kharagpur and were amongst the finalists of the Business Plan Event and brought laurels to the institute.
  • The students have also proven their entrepreneurship in Bridge Building Competition at SGSITS Indore and at IIT Powai of which Tarun Sadhwani of CE III year got the First prize in Paper Bridge Building competition.
  • A few students of ME branch participated in virtual SUPRA Competition at Pune in January. Their vehicle design has been selected for the final competition.
  • Govinda Nawal of CE III year had presented paper in National Conference at Prestige College which was held in association with Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE) and secured the Second prize.
  • The students of CS department participated in paper presentation competition and Akansha Bharti, Aditi Jain and Ishita Maglani bagged the winning position in the competition.
  • Rishabh Kanjolia of EX III year participated in tech-fest at IIT Kanpur and presented the project on the topic of “Social contribution-Providing Employment to Poor Ones
  • Vijay Kabra, Akshay Pare, and Ashutosh Verma of EX III year have secured the Seventh position at tech-fest at Business Plan Competition at IIT Kanpur.
  • EC IV year students, Urvi Pattani and Jayant K. Soni presented paper entitled “Self Balancing Robot using IR Sensor” in national Conference, Abhigyan 2012, held at Prestige Institute of Engineering and Science and have won best paper in Electronics & Communication.
  • Papers were presented by BE I year students of MITM and MIST in National Seminar on “Recent Trends in Chemical and Biological Sciences” in Holkar Science College, Indore in January. Yogesh Chaurasia, Dhawal Sharma of EC VIII Semester and Shivram Tabibu, Abhi Saklecha, Anand Mahajan and Neerja Bhalerao of EI VIII Semester qualified GATE 2012.
  • Priyanka Saini, Nishant Pathak, Vineet Jose, Hina Joshi, Ankita Sharma, Neeraj Gupta of MBA participated and presented papers in National Conferences organized by Vishwakarma Institute of Management Pune, Singhad Institute of Management Pune, SDPS Womens College, Indore, Rishikesh Institute of Management, ITS Ghaziabad, and brought name and fame to the Institute.
  • Ankit Kumar Sahu, Rishi Kumar Sahu, Shikha Mandhate, Radha Shriwas and Priyanshi Garg of MBA Department participated in a paper presentation competition organized by TPGCET, Nagpur and won the Second prize.
  • 2012-06-01