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Research & Paper Publication

  • Ms Prachi Sathe of Communication Skills Department presented a paper titled “Changing Trends of Post Independence Indian English Drama” in a National Seminar at Chindwada in the month of February.
  • In a seminar held in D D Thakar Arts and K J Patel Commerce College in Khedbrahma Gujrat in the month of August Dr Shipra Ahuja Joshi and Ms Ranubala Marothiya of Communication Skills Department presented paper entitled “Folklore”, Ms Jaya Sharma presented paper on “East West Encounters in Jumpa Lahri’s Short Stories” and Ms Shalini Modh presented a paper on “Rukmani as an Archetype of Indian Feminity in Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve”.
  • Mr Sandeep Pandey presented a paper on "Performance Analysis of Anti - Windup Fractional Order PID with Set Point Tracking", IEEE National Conference SCES, MNNIT, Allahabad in the month of April.
  • Ms Smita Jalonia of Electronics and Communication Department got one of her papers published on“Signal Distortion Techniques for PAPR Reduction in OFDM System” in the IEEE sponsored National Conference on Recent Advances in Mechatronics and Computing Technology and Management in the month of June.
  • Ms Divya Jain of Electronics and Communication Department had her paper published on “Performance Analysis of WiMAX System over AWGN Fading Channel” in the IEEE sponsored National Conference on Recent Advances in Mechatronics and Computing Technology and Management in the month of June.
  • Ms Pallabi Sarkar presented a paper on "Rapid Search of Pareto Fronts Using D-Logic Exploration during Multi - Objective Trade Off of Computation Intensive Applications", published in "Proceeding of IEEE 5th Asian Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ASQED)", in Malaysia, and also presented a paper on "A Multiparametric Optimization based Novel Approach for an Efficient Design Space Exploration for ASIC Design" published in "IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing communications and Informatics (ICACCI - 2013)", Mysore, August 2013.
  • Ms Priyanka Atre of Electronics and Communication Department presented a paper on "Design of Low Power VCO with Voltage Applied to both PMOS & NMOS Transistor in 70nm CMOS Technology", held at JIIT, Noida. (ICSC - 2013).
  • Mr Anshul Shrotriya of Electronics and Communication Department presented a paper on "Investigating Effects of Channel Fading on Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network" published in IJARET / IAEME, May- june Issue.
  • Dr Manmeet Singh of MBA department has got one of his research paper published entitled "A Study of the Impact of Capital Adequacy Requirements on Off Balance Sheet Activities of Indian Banks" in the Journal "Effulgence" published by Rukmani Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, Rohini New Delhi, Vol. 11 No. 2 July-Dec, 2013, pp 50-66 (ISSN:0972-8058).
  • Mr Gaurav Sharma of Mathematics Department published a paper titled “Client and Rust Based Security Service Mechanism (TBSSM) Using Behavior Based Encryption Algorithm at Cloud Platform” at Pacific University, Udaipur in the month of March 2013.
  • Ms Prachi Sathe of Communication Skills Department had her paper published entitled “Glimpse of Feminism in the Works of Jhumpa Laheri” in the International Journal Research Link Vol XII issue 113 in the month of August 2013.
  • Ms Kopal Maheshwari of Computer Science Department got a paper published entitled “Advance Frameworks for Hidden Web Retrieval Using Innovative Vision-Based Page Segmentation” in the International Journal named International Organisation of Scientific Research Vol. 12, Issue 3 in the month of July.
  • Ms Poorva Shukla of Computer Science Department got her paper entitled “A Novel Link Break Distance (LBD) and Pre-emptive Threshold Alarm (PTA)” published in IJCA (International Journal of Computer Applications), Vol. 70, No. 4 in the month of May 2013.
  • 2013-09-01
  • Dr. Jyoti Vyas Bajpai got her research paper titled “From Socializing to Recruiting Employees - Increasing maturity of Social Networking Sites” (SNSs) published in ISBN Book. She also participated in the National Conference organized by Prestige Institute of Management and Research.
  • Mr. Dharmendra Mangal published his paper entitled “A Novel approach for performance estimation of SOAP-based web services” in IJETAE-Volume 2 in the month of February, 2012.
  • Ms. Neha Bharill published two paper entitled “Web Mining based on IRIS dataset a Clustering Approach”and “A Survey on Web Server Optimization Technique” in National Conference on AI and its application in Engineering Technology in June, 2012.
  • Dr.Renuka Rathore published a research paper entitled “Common fixed point theorem for mappings satisfying rational inequality “In the journal named Indian Research Communication Volume 6 (2)pp 56/58.
  • Dr. Sanjeevni Gangwani got four papers published in international journal and three in the national journal. She has also prepared a documentary film on tribal people which was accepted for international film festival on tribal art and culture and has been nominated for the national award. She also participated in the National Conference organized by Prestige Institute of Management. Her two case studies got published in National Journals.
  • Dr. Alok Mittal published his research paper entitled “Impact of Brand Image in Selection of Banking Services by Business Houses”  was published in September 2012 issue of FINANCE INDIA- a quarterly refereed journal of Indian Institute of Finance, New Delhi. He published a research paper titled “An Exploratory Study of Consumer Attitude towards Advertising via Mobile Devices”   in a book named Innovations, Trends and Practices In Indian Service Sector by Indra Publications, Bhopal. His two more research papers titled “A Service Quality Gap Analysis in Public and Private Sector Banks with Special Reference to Indore Region – An Empirical Study” and “Impact of Training on Employee’s Perception: A Study with Reference to Technical and Supporting Departments” were published in the same book. He attended workshop conducted by Prof. Masud Arjmand, Kellogg’s School of Business, USA on “Talent and Corporate Performance – Challenges and Opportunities” organized by Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM), Indore in the month of June.

  • Mr. Vinod Sharmafour research papers have been accepted in the International Conferences at various places.
  • DR. D. T. Manwani published a paper titled “Organizational Internal Environmental ScanningA Productivity Enrichment Perceptive”in International Blind review Journal  “International Journal of Organizational Behavior & Management Perceptive”, with ISSN:2279-0950, Online ISSN:2279-0969,Volume-1.
  • Ms. Vaishali Chourey published her paper entitled “Parsing Sanskrit Sentences using Lexical Functional Grammar” in IEEE-Systems and Informatics-ICSAI-2012, Yantai in the month of May, 2012. She published her paper entitled “Limitations of models for Object Oriented Testing” in International Journal of Modern Engineering and Research-Volume 2 in  the month of August, 2012.
  • Ms. Swati Tahiliani and Ms.Pallavi Pandit published their paper entitled “A Survey of UML-Based Approaches to Testing” in International Journal of Computational Engineering Research (IJCER)-Volume 2, Issue 5 in the month of September 2012
  • A Paper has been accepted for publication in "Journal of Manufacturing Engineering" entitled "Evaluating energy usage of environmental impact of sand casting using life cycle assessment" by Shri Sanjay Jathar.
  • Ms. Nivedita Shirke published her paper entitled “A Survey on Deadlines in Wireless Sensor Networks” in VSRD International Journal-Volume 3 in the month of October 2012.
  • Dr.Keerti Sharma published the research paper entitled “Some LRS Bianchi type-II string cosmological models for viscous fluid distribution in general relativity”, over Int.Journal of Mathematics Archive 3 (8) 2012.
  • Mr. P. Hari Krishna authored a book ‘Broadening in the Photo- Luminescence Peak of of Nano- Particles published by Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.

  • Dr. A. A. Koser has revised his book entitled ‘Engineering Physics Practical Book’. He authored two research papers one of them is accepted in a conference in Coimbatore and another in an international journal in Nano-Photonics.
  • Dr. Haldhar Sharma along with Mr.K.D.Gaur authored a book on “Urbanization and Economic Development”. The book was published by Keshav Publications, Ghaziabad in the month of June’2012.
  • Ms Rashmi Somani along with Dr. Kapil Jain authored book entitled Accounting for Managers for Management students which was published by Dreamtech Publishers, New Delhi on the month October 2012.
  • Dr. Preeti Jain has authorized and revised edition of Engg. Chemistry Practical Book (IV Ed.) and EEES (Energy, Environment, Ecology and Society) book (II Ed.) in the month of September 2012.
  • 2012-12-01
  • Ms. Disha Achaliya and Dr. Devanshi Jagwani have presented paper in Young Scientist Congress, Bhopal in Feburary 2012.
  • Ms. Disha Anchaliya was awarded II prize for the Best Paper Presentation in “National Seminar on Recent Trends in Chemical and Biological Sciences” in Holkar Science College, Indore in January 2012, and one of her research paper has been accepted in National Academy Science Letters Journal.
  • Dr. Preeti Jain, Dr. Anjali Soni, Dr. Devaanshi Jagwani, Ms. Pranita Joshi, Sh. Jitendra Bhawsar, Ms. Sucheta Khowal, Ms. Disha Anchaliya and Ms. Devashri Kapade published papers in the journal Research Communication.
  • Ms. Preeti Nair presented a paper on “Nature in Indian English Poetry: an Ecocritical Analyses” at Jabalpur in February 2012.
  • Ms. Jaya Sharma, Ms. Anisha Jain, Ms. Namrata Purkar, Ms. Shalini Modh, Ms.Prachi Sathe and Ms. Preeti Nair presented paper in National Seminar on “Voicing the Silence: Redefining English Literary Studies” at Indore in February 2012.
  • Ms. Ranubala Marothiya, Dr. Shipra Ahuja Joshi and Ms. Namrata Purkar presented two papers collectively in an International Conference on Science Fiction at Coimbatore in the month of January 2012.
  • Mr. Saurabh Dave’s paper entitled “Various attacks in MANETs” got published.
  • Mr. Rudresh Shah’s paper got published in International Journal entitled “High Utility Item Discovery in Incremental Database”.
  • Mr. Suneet Joshi got a paper published in International Science Congress on topic “A Novel Paradigm for Knowledge Management”.
  • Dr. A.A. Koser has to his credit the II revised edition of "Engineering Physics Practical Book."
  • Dr. Preeti Jain has to her credit the IV revised edition of her book “Engineering Chemistry Theory & Practical”.
  • 2012-06-01